What Do We Know About Cortisol?

The stress hormone cortisol regulates your fight-flight-or-freeze response, and it also regulates your body’s use of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This is why stress can trigger the compulsion to reach for junk food. Research shows that calorie-dense foods trigger fat accumulation that inhibits your primary stress response system. So there’s nothing good about that late-night slice of cake or pie.

How Can We Strengthen Our Immune System?

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs (www.criticalhealthbnews.com) tells us that much of what we need to do to support immunity, we should be doing anyway. From his most current article, we learn that “supplements, taken daily, can be important immune boosters. While they won’t cure or prevent Coronavirus symptoms by themselves, they can help the body take care of the problem. His short list includes, zinc picolinate, a ‘must have’ at 50mg, same with Selenium chelate 400-600 micrograms and Vitamin A 25,000IU.

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