Pharmacist Ben Fuchs ( tells us that much of what we need to do to support immunity, we should be doing anyway. From his most current article, we learn that “supplements, taken daily, can be important immune boosters. While they won’t cure or prevent Coronavirus symptoms by themselves, they can help the body take care of the problem. His short list includes, zinc picolinate, a ‘must have’ at 50mg, same with Selenium chelate 400-600 micrograms and Vitamin A 25,000IU. The B Vitamins, all of them, should be used throughout the day and you want to mix in two or three grams of MSM Sulfur. Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin C, at least a couple of grams every day!
“With much of the world on edge about the coronavirus, now is a time to take a breath and take some logical cool-headed measures to protect ourselves and boost our immune systems. One of the most powerful immune boosting strategies is just eating less food. That’s where the calorie restriction optimum nutrition or CRON Diet comes in. Calories require biological work and that means a depletion of nutritional resources.”
We are glad to see that most of our patients are continuing on their Care Plan and not missing treatments. Ben Fuchs and thousands of other experts tell us that disease begins with inflammation. We know that our treatment improves our bodies’ systems at the cellular level and reduces inflammation. So doesn’t it logically follow that the Diabetes Relief treatment will strengthen our immune system? Think about it.

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