At Diabetes Relief, we urge our patients to get regular dental checkups, and Diabetes Relief co-owner Hunter Carr shares his personal experience: “With all the demands on our time with the business,” he says, “I had postponed my scheduled treatments at Diabetes Relief, and the time between my treatments stretched out more than they should have—five weeks! I found out how wrong that is for any diabetic who has found our miraculous results.” His blood sugars got “out of whack,” he added, so he resumed his regular treatment schedule.

On the way to “getting back,” he went to his dentist because he had lost a crown. As the dentist got in to repair the problem, he found some other things wrong with that tooth. After he made the repairs, Hunter’s blood sugar was noticeably better, and with resuming his regular treatment schedule, he was “walking on clouds again!”

The bottom line: Make a dental checkup appointment. Medical articles tell us that, over time, increased levels of blood glucose can put us at risk for oral health problems. Visit your dentist twice a year, and make sure the dentist knows that you are a diabetic and what medications you take. If you have dry mouth, use a mouthwash with no alcohol. The articles also tell us to brush our teeth within 30 minutes after eating to protect any tooth enamel that’s been softened by acid in the food, and always use a brush with soft bristles. Arm yourself with knowledge.

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