We are so happy to be able to help diabetics to get their lives back! Our patients continue to furnish testimonials to the benefits—from increased energy to diminished neuropathy to reducing medications to avoiding dialysis and amputations! Here is why our patented process gets those good results.

What’s wrong in the body? In patients with metabolic disorder, the pancreas has become dysfunctional and is not producing the proper hormone signals in the way that the liver is expecting to read them. Based on the signal loss, the liver then down-regulates, waiting to receive the signals. This down-regulation is manifested by a lack release of enzymes and micronutrients that the cells desperately need for proper restoration. When liver doesn’t properly feed the cells, they do not repair. Thus begins the downward-spiral of symptoms and the barrage of medications to the “rescue.”

Against this backdrop, here’s how our metabolic restoration works. Based on a patient’s individual needs, the proper secretion profile of the pancreas is then mimicked during the infusion process, triggering the liver to up-regulate from its weakened state. Over time, the cell beds are properly nourished, the metabolism is rejuvenated, and the organs—which are made of cells—are strengthened by substituting good cells for bad.

The broad spectrum of improvement across our patients is a sight to behold and we are honored to be a part of it.

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