One of Diabetes Relief’s original patients has had an amazing result involving his eyes, and he wants to share it with our readers.

About 20  years ago, he was injured in an accident playing basketball, where a fellow player’s finger was poked in his eye. To treat it, they put a “buckle” on his eye to hold the retina in place while healing occurred. At the time, he was already a diabetic on insulin.

Since he has been taking the DR treatment,  not only has he experienced increased energy, a huge and noteworthy increase in mental clarity, and increased physical stamina, he has also decreased his insulin by 70% and his other medications have been either eliminated or reduced.

He has been a DR patient for about four years, and he recently had a problem with some pain in that same eye, diagnosed by the retinopathy specialist as pressure, which for that one eye was measured at 40.

So he used the doctor’s prescribed drops, but his DR treatments were also increased to weekly. On his next eye exam, the pressure was measured at down to 13, which is normal! His doctor said she could not believe the pressure was reduced that fast!

We are told that this is almost unheard of and borders on miraculous, but we know better! We believe that it was the DR treatment that helped more than the eye drops. At Diabetes Relief, we see things like this every day! Now we know how much it can help our eyes, too.

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