Who’s not on a diet these days? We’re all trying to lose weight, aren’t we? Here are some diet killers we should avoid. (Always read the labels.)

• “No sugar added” jams, pies, and juices. They are already drowning in sugar.

• Any food containing any type of sugar (cane sugar, natural sugar, date sugar, organic sugar, or various syrups).  Consume in moderation!

• Flavored waters or sport drinks are full of sugar and sweeteners that are bad for weight loss. Drink water!  • Canned vegetable and fruit juices have lots of sugar.

• Skim-milk and soy-milk lattes or frappuccinos have more sugar than the whole-milk versions. Opt for almond milk if you’re staying dairy-free.

• Cereals, breads, and crackers might contain sugar.

• Foods labeled low-fat, fat-free, no sugar, or  no cholesterol are code words for “high sugar” or sweet taste.

• Diet sodas have been proven to raise insulin levels and make you store fat. Drink water!

• Fruit-filled breakfast bars and flavored yogurts.

Always read the labels in detail to avoid buying and eating unhealthy foods!

Source:  Steven Gundry, M.D.  (GundryMed.com)

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