What if I said, “How are you?” You might respond, “I’m fine, thank you.” If I said, “¿Como estás?” You might respond, “Muy bién, grácias.” What if I said “Guten Tag” or “A salam alaikum”? You might be confused.

Well, that’s a lot like what happens when you have diabetes. Your pancreas and liver are no longer having a productive conversation. It’s like they are no longer speaking in the same language.

We know how the pancreas communicates, and we know that the liver will respond appropriately when it hears the right signals. Yet when traditional therapy treats diabetes,  insulin is given in a way that doesn’t appropriately signal the liver.

Diabetes Relief’s therapy restores that communication. Once these two organs get back on the same page, we start to appreciate that it wasn’t that the patient had become “insulin resistant;” it’s more like the pancreas stopped speaking to the liver in a way the liver could understand. Instead of changing the language, the pancreas just turned up the volume (which created Hyperinsulinemia), and things just kept getting worse. You’ve probably seen some English speakers who try to speak English slower and louder when they encounter people who don’t speak English. Unfortunately, slower and louder can’t overcome the language barrier! Traditional therapy gives more pills to coax the pancreas to produce more and more insulin. Likewise, more and more insulin is given, also to no avail.

At Diabetes Relief, we put the pancreas and liver back on the same page. Diabetes Relief is like the Rosetta Stone for your metabolism!

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