We are very proud to announce that the United States Patent Office has issued our second patent on our treatment for metabolic disorder:  United States Patent No. 10,533,990, “Physiologic Insulin-Sensitivity Improvement,” dated January 14, 2020. This is a “method” patent, which we add to our “kit” patent issued in 2017. Diabetes Relief still has a patent pending for a “system” patent, and the Patent Examiner is the same one who granted issuance of our first patent. Diabetes Relief is hopeful that this increased intellectual property will help us to reach more and more suffering patients through its many licensees in the USA and beyond.

            We have also received another copyright, this one for our updated “Glucose Homeostasis” information chart used in training sessions, bringing our total registered copyrights to four.

            With our trademark for “Diabetes Relief,” we are pleased to announce this growth in our collection of intellectual property assets—which we happily share with all licensees as part of their license agreements.

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