“I was just sitting, and a thought ran through my mind.” Ever said that or envisioned a picture in your mind of a thought, running, racing, chasing another thought in your mind? Seems like there is a joke in there somewhere, but it happens. Thoughts are passing through our minds at lightning speed. Did you know that every thought in your mind has a feeling associated with it (according to the scientists)? We do not need a scientist to test that theory. If we go to a movie or watch a show on TV, as we become involved in the story, we get tender-hearted during love scenes, and we become fearful while watching a horror movie as anxiety that runs throughout our body.

God gave man freedom of choice, and the choice He gave us first and foremost is the choice of what we think. Proverbs says, “You are snared by your words.” A word starts in your mind with a feeling. Making a choice of what you think about will change your life, change your emotions, and even your disposition. Dr. Carolyn Leaf, in her book Who Switched Off My Brain?, discusses the studies she has participated in regarding the brain and thoughts. She says, “It is a choice we make every day, every minute, and every second of what we think about.” That my friends, matches the words in the number-one book in the world−THE BIBLE.

God gives us freedom to choose what we think, attaches feeling to every thought, and then clearly instructs us to think on good things, righteous things, and not on bad things. Therefore, it is not “just a thought;” it is feeling and emotions, and a decision in living the fullness of life. Our brains can create a quantum thinking, we can think through a future event, plan every step, and experience every emotion just as if we are doing it. That is what movies, video games, and virtual reality use to control the thoughts and emotions of the viewers, getting us hooked on feelings so we will return again and again.

Dr. Leaf says our thoughts and words generate feeling and emotions that produce chemicals in the body that can be helpful or harmful. Right thinking brings health, and bad thinking brings negativity and even damage. It’s not “just a thought!” Life is made for laughing, loving, and living, and not whining, worrying, and working. God bless each of you.

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