Green Bananas Fight Diarrhea Green banana contains starches resistant to digestion and have been studied in combination with pectin to significantly reduce intestinal permeability and fluid loss during bouts of diarrhea. Even without pectin, green banana has been found to hasten recovery of acute and prolonged childhood diarrhea.

Banana Can Help Prevent Ulcers

Banana powder has been studied to prevent ulcer formation induced by a variety of drugs, including aspirin, indomethacin, phenylbutazone, prednisolone, cysteamine, and histamine.

Banana Peel Suppresses Prostate Gland Growth

Banana peel has been found to suppress testosterone-induced prostate gland enlargement.

Banana Stem Extract Suppresses Oxalate Kidney Stones

Banana stem extract has been found to suppress the formation of oxalate-associated kidney stones in the animal model, leading researchers to conclude that it “may be a useful agent in the treatment of patients with hyperoxaluric urolithiasis.”

Banana Consumption Protects the Skin Against UV-Light Damage

UV-B light induced skin damage may be prevented or reduced through the consumption of bananas, with a protective effect against loss of skin elasticity.

Banana Has Anti-Diabetic Properties

Banana flower extract has been found to have both antioxidant and blood sugar lowering effects. Banana root extracts have been discovered to contain blood sugar lowering properties comparable in efficacy to the drug glibenclamide (Glyburide). Unripe banana contain starches resistant to hydrolysis, which benefits diabetics.

Banana Contains a Variety of Anti-Infective Compounds

Banana contains compounds with demonstrable anti-MRSA activity, anti-HIV replicative activity, and following metabolic transformation by fungi, anti-leishmanicidal activity.

Closing Remarks

Don’t buy non-organic bananas. Like other foods that are grown in massive monocultures, without crop rotation, they are a pesticide-intensive crop.

from Sayer Ji,

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