INTERMITTENT FASTING Tips from Nutritionist Brad Pilon and Dr. Edward Group

Brad Pilon defines “Intermittent Fasting” (“IF”) as a purposeful break from eating.  Dr. Edward Group defines it as alternating periods of fasting with periods of eating during the same day. If you think about it, we already do IF, because we fast when we go to sleep and we break that fast when we eat food the next day (unless we’re midnight snackers, which is bad!).

What Causes Cravings?

What Causes Cravings?

If you’re one of those people who just can’t seem to lose weight (and many of us are!), it may be because you’re genetically addicted to fatty, sugary foods. Sadly, no magic serum can change your genetic code and stop these intense cravings. But there are ways you can keep yourself from overindulging.

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