The liver helps to keep our circulating blood sugar levels and other body fuels steady and constant. The foods you choose to eat play major roles in your liver health. The following 10 foods can assist with cleansing your liver.

1. Garlic helps your body flush out toxins.

2. Grapefruit boosts production of liver detox enzymes.

3. Beets and carrots stimulate and support overall liver function.

4. Green tea’s catechins assist liver function.

5. Leafy, green vegetables cleanse the liver and soak up enviro toxins.

6. Avocado’s glutathione helps the liver cleanse harmful toxins.

7. Apple’s pectin helps release toxins from the digestive tract.

8. Olive oil (in moderation) provides a lipid base to absorb harmful toxins.

9. Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage support the liver’s enzyme production.

10. Walnuts support the liver in detoxifying ammonia and cleansing.

With the many important roles played by our liver in keeping us healthy, we will be even stronger by filling our diets with these foods.

Bon Appetit! From Dr. Edward Group,

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