Antibiotics are over-prescribed, and rarely do doctors tell patients to counteract them with probiotics.

Think of what those two terms mean: antibiotic = against life; probiotic = for life.

Antibiotics have their place, and they have surely saved many lives, but we must  replace the “good bacteria” so we can be protected.

Derrick DeSilva Jr., M.D., of the Tertiary Facility, JFK Medical Center (NJ), recommends that we take probiotics twice a day. He developed the formulation for the  BioTE probiotic supplements we carry at Diabetes Relief, which are in an acid-stable capsule that will not break up in the stomach, and—even better—the capsule will not open until it reaches the intestine.

Probiotics strengthen our immune system, aid in digestion and elimination, and make B vitamins in our gut. Babies get their “good bacteria” from the birth canal, which is where colonization starts. Babies who are born through C-section will have colds, flu, etc., far more than others, unless those babies are fortified. C-section babies need probiotics!

About babies, Dr. De Silva also advises: Empty the powder out of the capsule, mix with a bit of water to make a paste, and rub it on diaper rash to make it disappear! He said this trick also works on acne, psoriasis, and any skin breakout at any age!

Many probiotics are found in the marketplace, but here is Dr. DeSilva’s advice: “Liquid probiotics don’t work; tablet probiotics don’t work; and, once opened, probiotics should be stored in the refrigerator (NOT the freezer). Heat kills the bacteria.” Don’t fret over which probiotic to buy. Diabetes Relief offers one we think is best:  BioTE Probiotic.

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