Success is an earned prize. You’ve heard: “Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow.” This Life Hack is a spin on that concept. Why do some people seem to have a magic touch, and everything they do turns out well?

Why do others always play the victim and believe they will never succeed? Everything depends on their outlook. The difference-makers are (1) a mental paradigm shift, then (2) an action plan, and finally (3) a powerful position thrust.

Do you think as an hourly employee or as an owner? Most employees think they work to trade their time for the employer’s money and that both are equal. To make a paradigm shift, the employee must see through the eyes of the owner. What does the owner need and want? What can I do to help? Step 2 is to volunteer, accept every request, and thus gain more experience and knowledge. This creates an invisible force, lifting that employee to higher levels.

Step 3 is most key: position oneself to see when opportunities present themselves, and then take advantage! The moment of aligning the train of experience with the gift of opportunity makes him—or her—a shoe-in for the next wave of an upward ascent. This three-step plan is the opposite of complacency and is a program for success. With the New Year on the horizon and opportunities waiting, do you want to be the hourly employee who spends 20 years in the same job and masters it—and nothing else? Or will you be the achiever who goes after the knowledge, finds the business context, and grabs the opportunity? Have a blessed 2018, and let the money follow!

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