In a new (late 2017) study, 5,000 people were asked: “What are the things people need to do to improve themselves?” Here are the top 10 answers:

( 1) Turn off your cell phone.
( 2) Remember your manners.
( 3) Clean your shoes.
( 4) Learn a party trick.
( 5) Go to the theater.
( 6) Cook a new recipe.
( 7) Go to a sale and buy nothing.
( 8) Find love.
( 9) Walk to work.
(10) Read a new book.

None of these were on my New Year’s Resolutions List, but some should have been. I was surprised to see that all dealt with social and physical issues. None were spiritual. Has our society changed so much? The results of a similar study done in the early ‘80s were:

(1) Go to church.
(2) Read my Bible.
(3) Do something for someone else.

What do you think about these two very different lists? I would like very much to hear from you about your New Year’s Resolutions, and I wish for you the best 2018 ever!

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